Graceful Life Coaching

Living in the moment

Every heartbeat creates a miracle.

Oneness Awakening Courses

The Oneness Awakening course is designed simply to help a person move beyond the limitations and structures of the mind; to take you beyond merely surviving and experiencing life through past conditioning, to experiencing reality as it is-- that natural state where the senses are alive, the heart is open, in direct contact with the Oneness in everything. Oneness Awakening awakens you to the journey that leads to a state of absolute inner freedom by showing you the way to move from simply existing to fully living... and this is never ending journey. More information


Healing Sessions

Sat Nam Rasayan is a form of healing that uses a specific state of the meditative consciousness as a tool for healing. The practitioner works with their inner sensations and awareness, and lightly touches the patient. Through a process of stabilising their awareness and increasing their sensitivity, congestions and imbalances in the patient are released.